Traditionally, extraction of the kernel from the shell of the cashew nut has been a manual operation. The shell is cracked manually.


All raw nuts carry foreign matter, consisting of sand, stones, dried apple etc. which are moved to cleaning chamber to clean it up and dried up in open sunlight.


The application of heat to the nut releases the nut shell liquid and makes the shell brittle which facilitates the extraction of the kernel when breaking the shell open.


The objective of shelling is to produce clean, whole kernels free of cracks. This operation is always been done manually. After cutting, shell pieces and kernels are separated and the unshelled nuts are returned to the shelling operation.


he shelled kernel is covered with the testa and to facilitate removal, i.e. to peel in order to produce the blanched kernel, the shelled kernel is dried. This also protects the kernel from pest and fungus attack at this vulnerable stage.

Peeling :-

At this stage, the testa is loosely attached to the kernel, although a small amount of kernels may have already lost the testa during the previous operations.

Grading :-

The grading operation is important as it is the last opportunity for quality control on the kernels. With the exception of a few grading aids, all grading is done by hand

Packing :-

Vacuum sealed pack to preserve the nutrition and quality for a long term. There are Two types of Packaging Tin and Pouch Packaging