Frequently Asked Questions

Are your cashews sourced from your own Plantations?

No. We buy from farmers through intermediaries like co-operative societies and private traders. Raw cashews are grown by small-holders in various states.

How can you say your cashews are Zero Cholesterol?

It is a common misconception in India that cashews have cholesterol. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) tests cashews every year. The value in the USDA Nutritional Database Reference Release 19 says Cholesterol = 0. Generally plant products do not have cholesterol at all. Only animal based products like meat have cholesterol. However, cashews are high in fat (up to 47 per cent). Consumers are advised not to confuse fat with cholesterol. It is not Shreedevi Cashew alone which has no cholesterol; nor is cholesterol present in cashews and removed. Cashews have Zero Cholesterol.

Do you export cashews? Where do you export to

Yes, we do export cashews. Our international business partners are in Netherlands, Dubai and Japan. However, currently our exports are to Netherlands only. Cashews are exported by 160 exporters who are members of the Cashew Export Promotion Council of India. In Karnataka, they are also members of the Karnataka Cashew Manufacturers Association. Currently, cashews are exported to 60 destinations and the export value from India is over Rs 2600 Crores per annum

Why do you say that cashews should be stored in airtight containers?

Our cashews are given in a multi-layer pouch infused with an inert gas nitrogen. This keeps cashews free from the possibility of infestation. Once they are removed from the pouch, we advise you to keep it in airtight containers as they have the potential to attract insects from your environment. Cashews are hygroscopic in nature, which means they attract moisture and different flavors in the atmosphere. Therefore, cashews will be kept good for consumption in an airtight container, with the lid closed tight after every removal.

Should I keep cashews in a refrigerator?

Some of our customers say that they keep cashews in a refrigerator. It is an additional element of caution. However, keeping in an airtight container and keeping in a fridge will not alter cashews very much. We however advise you to consume cashews as early as possible and come shopping again.