About Us

Ganesh Kamath an enterprising businessman from Karkala, driven by the desire to do something of his own launched his own dreamed project Sridevi Cashew Industries in Karkala, about 50kms from Mangalore in the year 1995.


In the course of last 20 years the company has climbed the ladder of success step by step to carve out a place for itself in the cashew as a major force to reckon with in the field of cashew business.Sridevi cashews is now more developing with women entrepreneurship. Smt. Rekha Ganesh Kamath is leading Shridevi Cashews to a great high with her intense preoccupation.

The company has more than 2000 well trained work force employed in the factory under the supervision of qualified professionals.

We are processing about 35 tons per day. The company is now striving to attain a target processing 50 tons per day in the near future. It is our endeavor to stick to the time and date in delivering orders.


We have been able to build a reputation for ourselves by sticking to these objectives without compressing of the Quality.



The Main objectives is to maintain hygiene and quality in all departments and at every stage of cashew processing.


Our processing unit enables infestation free, dust free, microbe free environment to produce the most hygienic kernels. Austere guideline for maintaining hygiene cleanliness are adopted at our state-of-art, with quality checks at all critical points.

  • Metal detector are used to ensure that ferrous and non-ferrous metals are not a part of the final product.
  • Final product is ensure to be free from hazard as per HACCP
  • Laboratory checks are undertaken to ensure that the final product is free from microbiological and chemical contamination.

We source the best quality Rawseed. We are empowered by the strong professional associations we have built with transport or shipping facilities.

Our infrastructure includes a professional team of quality controls and sales executives, who significantly contribute to our success


Cashews Kernels/Nuts

Cashew kernels are graded into white/scorched wholes, pieces, splits butts etc. depending on the shape, size & color of the kernel.


Our packing for Cashew product includes

  • Tin packaging (11.340kg)
  • Multi Layered Barrier Pouch packaging (22.68 kg)
  • Nitrogen flushed pouch packing
  • 250gms Pack
  • 500gms Pack